A red crane and earth mover on site as Brookland's latest stage 'The Banksia' is under construction, with blue scaffolding surrounding the project.
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The Banksia’s first pour now underway!

The first concrete pour is now underway at Brookland’s ‘The Banksia,’ signalling great progress at the site.

It might be a wet summer, but construction has been well underway at Brookland Robertson as work on the 52 luxury apartments continues. 

Formwork and in-slab services for the upper ground slab have been installed, with the remaining formwork and services set to be installed soon. Similar to scaffolding, formwork is a structure to help mould a concrete slab and support it until the concrete sets. Once complete, this will be removed, and the concrete will cure.

With the first slab now poured, it’s exciting to see the vision behind ‘The Banksia’ take shape as work progresses.  

Check back next month for the latest updates on construction, or for more information on Brookland’s latest release, read more here.   

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